Carpet Cleaning Wakefield

 We operate within wakefield & Leeds providing a quality carpet & upholstery cleaning service.

We are fully insured for all items worked on and have completed numerous training courses and certifications.


What we clean

We can clean anything from carpets, upholstery, curtains, mattresses, rugs and more!

Stain removal and spillages

Most stains and spillages can be removed safely and we will be able to advise on home remedies and if a stain cant be removed we will be honest and let you know

Our Equipment

We use professional quality machines to clean your carpets in wakefield and Leeds, our machinery is not available from supermarkets or DIY stores. We use the best machines and chemicals available on the market to offer a quality service that is both efficent and safe.

Why choose us ?

There are lots of carpet cleaners out there so why choose us?

Well, the truth is its pretty simple to make a carpet look clean. You could get a harsh chemical and a cheap machine and have a go yourself to varying degrees of success. The problem is carpet cleaning is much more complicated than that and to get the best results it needs knowledge and correct equipment. For example choose the wrong chemical and you can cause chemical reactions to discolour your carpet, chemicals have varying degrees of acidity and alkalinity, does your untrained carpet cleaner know about things such as celluosic browing or dye bleed? will he know how to remove different stains as they are require varying methods. Will they know how to correct a mistake? furniture with metal studs placed on carpets containing chemical can rust stain the carpets. Will the machinery provide enough pressure to penetrate all the fibres, will an underpowered machine leave chemicals in the carpet causing rapid re-soiling or will wick back occur? Whoever you decide to use to clean your carpets it is important they are trained and insured to carry out the work safely


We like to be transparent with our pricing, prices range from the very cheap (and usually untrained cleaners) to the very expensive, we aim to be in the middle and provide a top quality service for a fair price.

Below are approximate prices for our work, please get in touch for an exact quote.

Please bare in mind we have a minimum charge of £40 for the first room or item regardless of size, then after this the prices below are a good estimate.

  • Carpet cleaning – £20 per room
  • Sofas £20 per seating area ( 3 seater £60, 2 seater £40 etc)
  • Rugs £20
  • Mattresses £30

Remember these prices are based on single items based on typical examples, for multiple rooms and items we can provide a custom quote.







What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Had all our carpet cleaned ready for moving in, Adam was friendly and was honest enough to inform us one carpet would be better off replacing than having cleaned, so we did and he didnt charge us for that room. Excellent service

Keith Wells - Rothwell

I needed a stain removing on short notice after an accident. We phoned thompson cleaning but they were fully booked, however after telling adam the emergency as it was an expensive rug he advised us not to touch anything and he would call in for a look on his way home. Well he removed the stain in 10 mins and was on his way! panic over, thankyou.

Karen Ings - Swillington

We use adam regular to clean our carpets, we are always pleased with the level of knowledge adam brings and the professional way in which he works, highly recommended.

Darren Townsend - Shadwell

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured and qualified ?

Yes we are fully insured to work on all items in your home, we can provide copys of our insurance if required.

We have attended numerous courses with recognised bodys withing the industry, covering carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning. We are knowledgeable on the chemicals we use and the processes involved that will clean your carpets to a high standard, reducing the risk of accidents and protecting your carpets against future soiling.

How do you provide quotations and tale payments ?

For quotations we can generally do this over the phone or via email with a good description of the work required. If it is a particularly large or awkward job we can quote in person. The quote we provide is the price you pay. As for payments we require cash or cheque on completion of the work for domestic customers, we can also accept bank transfer but funds must be cleared before we leave the premises.

Do you guarantee stain removal ?

The simple answer is no we cannot guarantees stain removal. If anyone tells you they can do not believe them! Stain removal is a science, it is based on chemical reactions between the stain and the cleaning agent and there does become a point where it is just not possible to remove a stain completely. That said we can remove the vast majority of stains we come across and can advise you if it will not come out.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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